GRE Exam Duration: What is the Duration of GRE Exam?

Updated on 22 February, 2024

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upGrad Abroad Team

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The foremost question when planning to take the GRE could be how many hours long the GRE exam is. Since the GRE General is the most common exam aspirants take, let us see the details of it more comprehensively. The duration of the GRE General exam used to be 3 hours and 45 minutes; after September 22, 2023, the total exam duration is nearly 1 hour and 58 minutes. There are a total of five sections now as compared to the six sections previously. 

Section-Wise Time Requirements in GRE Examination

Here is a table to help you get a clear picture for the computer-based GRE General examination. Please remember, this is the new exam pattern started after September 22, 2023.

SectionNumber of QuestionsAllotted Time
Analytical Writing (One section)One 'Analyze an Issue' task30 minutes
Verbal Reasoning (Two sections)Section 1: 12 questions
Section 2: 15 questions
Section 1: 18 minutes
Section 2: 23 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning (Two sections)Section 1: 12 questions
Section 2: 15 questions
Section 1: 21 minutes
Section 2: 26 minutes

Source: ETS official website

The new GRE General exam pattern has no scheduled break or the unscored/research section. Also, remember the Analytical Writing section will always be the first. The Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections may appear in any order after the Analytical Writing section.

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Details of Paper-Based GRE Test

Since there are no scheduled breaks and unscored sections now, the pattern for the GRE paper-based exam is similar to the computer-based GRE exam pattern. The total time in this version is also 1 hour and 58 minutes. The choice of test depends on the individual's comfort and preference for using computers.

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Download these useful guides to ace your GRE preparation

GRE  Quant Guides
GRE verbal Sample
GRE AWA sample

Tips on Effectively Using Time While Writing Your GRE

  • You should have taken a full-length GRE practice examination beforehand to get familiar with the format and time-based limitations. 
  • Remember, the new GRE pattern does not have any scheduled breaks. Hence, you must practice accordingly.  
  • Slow down and make sure that you get more points. Do not keep pushing for quicker results since it will only lead to poorer scores and silly mistakes. 
  • Answer those questions you are sure of. 
  • If you cannot find the answer to something instantly, keep moving on to next questions. If you want to come back to something, press mark and move on. 
  • Whenever you get stuck on any mathematics question in GRE, do not stay in limbo. Do some other questions and then come back to the same. 

Follow these tips for managing time smartly throughout the GRE examination. Once you have acquired knowledge of the GRE exam duration, the next step is understanding the GRE syllabus and getting your hands on relevant GRE study materials. So, wait no more and embark on your journey toward graduate education. Here's wishing you the best for your future!

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