Describe Your Dream House: IELTS Cue Card Samples with Answers

Updated on 09 February, 2024

Kanika Pruthi

Kanika Pruthi

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

IELTS comprises several different sections, one of which is the speaking test. Every individual appearing for IELTS must undertake the activities under this section and answer the questions asked adequately. 

In the present scenario, the topic we would like to discuss is 'Describe Your Deam House’.  So, your answer must touch down on the following aspects:

  • Where is your dream house located?
  • What would it look like?
  • When would you like to live in your dream house?
  • Why is this house perfect for you?


Describe your dream house in detail: Question 1

The idea of having a dream house someday fills me with excitement. It will be one place that will be solely mine– a place I can rest, unwind and call my own. 

When I think of where this dream house would be situated, I can only envision the cold and peaceful mountains. I have been to hills and mountains during many treks. It's one place that offers me the most joy. The happiness of walking on the side of the curvy, narrow roads and stopping at a small food stall to have a hot cup of tea and noodles makes me feel alive. Life feels simpler there. 

My dream house would ideally be small. I don't have the desire to live in a gigantic mansion with all the worldly and materialistic amenities. Although it would be small, it would have hundreds of plants– both inside and outside. My kitchen will be my happy place, where I will always keep everything stocked. The balcony will have a little hammock where I could read a book and get lost in the fictional world.

I would love to have this dream house as soon as possible, maybe in the next year or two. It's only about attaining financial stability and a job I love, and then I can move to my house in the mountains!

The day I move would perhaps be the happiest day of my life. This house will be perfect for me because I have thought of every aspect of it, in incredible detail, over and over. It'll be a house made of love and tranquillity, with a house cat running around to give me company!

In conclusion, my dream house, a harmonious blend of comfort, aesthetic appeal, and functionality, represents more than just a physical structure; it's a sanctuary that echoes my personality, values, and aspirations. Envisioned as a place of tranquility, inspiration, and warmth, it serves as a haven where memories are made and cherished. From its eco-friendly design to the cozy, inviting spaces, each element of this house contributes to an atmosphere of peace and happiness. In describing my dream house for this IELTS Cue Card, I not only share a personal vision but also articulate a future aspiration, showcasing my ability to communicate complex ideas and emotions effectively in English. This dream house symbolizes the culmination of my goals and efforts, a place where I can thrive, grow, and find solace.

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Describe Your Dream House: IELTS Cue Card

What will your dream house look like?: Question 2

Ever since I was young, I always thought that growing up would be so exciting. For one, it would involve having a house of my own, my dream house. A place that is just mine, where I can host the people I love and always be authentically myself. 

My dream house will be a beach house. So, every morning, I would first pull the curtains away from the life-size windows and watch the waves hitting the shore. I imagine the noise of crashing waves to be rhythmic and peaceful. Moreover, the idea of sitting on the porch while the salty winds rush through the tangles of my hair sounds beautiful to me.  

The house would ideally be big enough for me, my parents and my friends if they ever want to stay. I want to be the person whose house is always open for loved ones to stay over. It would have an all-blue theme to match the seaside atmosphere. I also envision a lot of artwork hanging on the walls of my house.

I think no other place would come close to being perfect for me than this one. I am a water baby, and I love the feel of sand under my feet. Moreover, I will personalize this space to match my taste and comfort. I will also add a library room.

If it were up to me, I would want to buy my dream house today. That said, it's not financially possible, so I will strive to work hard and gain stability in my life to have it one day.

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